Disabling approval outcomes, while still using them for automatic actions

21 09 2009

We have an approval step within one of our client’s workflows where the client does not want one of the outcomes (Deny (Reject) ) to be available. However the ‘deny’ function is needed for use by an automatic action, namely the action that is taken if all escalation steps fail. So at first i tried disabling the option on the Approval’s ‘Advanced’ tab. However i got a lovely message (It is not possible to disable an action that is in use. The ‘Reject’ action is in use in the following places … ) saying in effect i may not do this, which I guess makes sense, however I would still however like to hide this outcome to the users. Hence my 2 ideas/approaches:

1) Add logic within your Class linked to your outcome’s MenuItem that pops up a message or something saying “Outcome not allowed” – Not very desirable
2) Add a configuration key to all the Menu Items that you wish to not have users press and disable it on a system wide level – Also perhaps high maintenance solution, but it seems to achieve the outcome satisfactorily.

So far I have gone with the second option. Seems quite neat and the logic for that outcome is stored in event handler, so it still successfully gets executed.

Any comments welcome!J




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