SysWorkflowEventService-onAcknowledgeWorkItem Invalid message sequence – missing Activation message.

23 09 2009

After some investigation into this error with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 workflow (found in the system event log of your workflow IIS machine):

Invalid message sequence – missing Activation message

I discovered that it seems to occur when a problem with the business connector was encountered. I extensively investigated the code associated with the error but to no avail apart from to come to the conclusion that it may be related to some corrupt date. Unfortunately documents that were in workflow will have to be cancelled and resubmitted after re-installing your business connector and Dynamics workflow infrastructure via AX2009 setup, otherwise you will continue to get this error/warning.




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13 08 2010


I’m wondering if you could find any other information about this error. I often get to see this error in some applications, specially when I have to change the AOS where I need to use workflow (Same server, different AOS). What I do is re-install BC, but as you can imagine this can be really anoying, even more for the customer. I don’t know if microsoft have come with some fix for this.


23 08 2010

Hi Jonathan.

Unfortunately I don’t have much more information than what is above. I believe I may have also received a similar error when my business connector configuration was pointing to the wrong AOS. Sorry for not being able to help a bit further.


8 12 2010
Bharat Malviya


I created one new instance of AOS. It includes business connection and workflow also. When data company imported from another AOS to new AOS, workflows are not working. I think Business connector does not cause for workflows because in new instance, Business connector pointing to new AOS only.

7 05 2014

Hi Jonathan,

there are any updates / news available at this error message? Or is this reinstallment at the moment still the only possibility.

Best regards,

9 05 2014

Sorry, I haven’t received the message in quite a while now or seen an updates in the Hotfix rollups that explicitly fix it.

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