Stopped (error): Target date not found in work calendar

15 01 2010

Just got the error “Stopped (error): Target date not found in work calendar” in my workflow history for a workitem. To fix it ensure that there are sufficient working times composed for the calendar selected in your workflow configuration. Ensure that there are enough OPEN calendar dates for your workitems to resolve successfully as well.

Update: I created a post on how to setup your calendar here.




4 responses

7 01 2014
Justin Jones

Hi Jonathan,

Came across this post when looking for a resolution to my issue. We got the same issue for purchase requisition workflows. I modified the calendar as per your instructions but at am a loss as to how to resume the workflows. They are in a state of pending even though the error was there so the resume button is not enabled. Any ideas?


7 01 2014

I would recommend canceling the workflow and resubmitting it from scratch in order for your new configuration changes to take effect


7 01 2014
Justin Jones


Thanks for that feedback. I was afraid that was what you would say. One of the teams was happily submitting a whole bunch of items over the new year and has only now alerted me to this issue. I think there are quite a few for them to redo….

Still, better than it not proceeding at all.

Thanks again.


7 09 2016

Finally a clear explanation and solution. Many thanks – worked a treat

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