Dynamics AX Workflow Participant Provider: Assignee is not specified or the user is not enabled

4 02 2010

Just got this error when trying to create my first configuration for a template that I had just created. “Assignee is not specified or the user is not enabled.” I had to go through quite bit of code to eventually discover where the error was sitting. Essentially you cannot create a configuration if your WorkflowParticipantProvider does not return any tokens from the getParticipantTokens method.  If the provider is using enums to generate tokens it should not be a problem, but if you are using a database table to return the tokens you may run into hassles if the table is empty.

Hope that is helpful to someone somewhere.




One response

25 06 2014

What the “AssignTo” is actually trying to do is to put the default user group into the workflow configuration. In general, this is the first row returned if you do a “select name from usergroupinfo”. If you have logic installed that prevents non-workflow user groups from appearing in the workflow assignment pull-down (as we did), the system will throw this error since null is returned.

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