Unified worklist – Workflow Item alerts not deleting

19 02 2010

Hi all.

Discovered a bug in the unified task list that is part of Enterprise portal. Our clients were deleting their notifications via the task list (right click, delete alert). However when the task list was refreshed or the AX client restarted the alert would be back. After some investigation into this strange occurance i found a useful article over at technet that I believe has solved our issue. Summarised:

If an email has been sent along with the notifcation (Tools -> Options -> Notifications -> Send notifications as e-mail message) only a soft delete is performed on the alert. I.E. the eventInbox deleted field is marked.

The unified task list doesn’t filter on this field and thus all ‘deleted’ and non-deleted items are displayed. To fix the bug simply add: && alert.Deleted == false to the end of the while select alert where alert.UserId == curuserid() line in the \Data Sets\UnifiedWorkListTmp\Data Sources\TmpUnifiedWorkList\Methods\init method.

Happy daxing.




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9 11 2010
Dan Edwards

I am seeing the same error, but I do not understand your fix. Where do I change the data source?

10 11 2010

There is a “data sets” element in the root of the AOT in AX (just below forms). From there you should be able to find the UnifiedWorkListTmp dataset to modify. Does that answer the question or am I misunderstanding?

15 07 2011

should it look like this – while select alert where alert.UserId == curuserid()
&& alert.Deleted == false

8 08 2014

I am not able to edit the title of the work list. the web page is shared and when I edit the web page and edit the web part I am able to change the title in the properties. But when I close enterprise portal and re-open then the work list title is back to the original

8 08 2014

I haven’t used this much myself, but try seeing if there is any parameter such as “UseCaptionFromMenuItem” or something that you can turn off

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