7 Months Live and WorkflowAX going strong

3 05 2010

Yes, the end of April marks 7 months since the “Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings” blog was started. Growth in the number of visitors and interest has really exceeded my expectations in regards to how much activity there seems to be is in the world of Dynamics AX Workflows. Expecially when one considers the amount of information out there available to developers. The blog has experienced excellent consistant growth every month since I began it in October 2009 and I believe it has come time to make some changes to accomodate some of this growth.

But before I go ahead and do that I would love to hear your opinions of what you would like to see over here. So please post some comments or even mail me directly with suggestions about what functionality and content you would like to see featured here at ‘Workflow Wanderings’.

One of the features I would like to see incorporated (if there is enough interest expressed) is a mini-forum where workflow developers can ask and answer questions to the workflow community in general and have the answers available on archive for future use instead of keeping this valuable knowledge within our own private email. I have recieved many such emails which I have much value in the community but are hard to adjust to formal blog posts.

Please post your thoughts and comments.

Happy WAXing.


P.S. Feel free to provide some link-backs to this blog if you find it interesting and worthwhile.




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