Dynamics AX Workflow 4.0 Preview

4 05 2010

Yesterday I came across the link for the preview with Josh Honeyman (principal lead for Dynamics WF) of Dynamics AX using Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0.


The video was very insightful and some of the new features are really neat. I for one am really looking forward to making use of this way of configuring workflows. Being able configure your workflow in a flow-chart style interface is a huge value-add. It really looks really powerful and intuative. I would be quite eager however to see how the developer experience for workflow will change as a result as many of the features enabled by the new configuration interface look like simply a more visual/intuative way of accomplishing what the current interface already does.

The talk about AX 6.0 being able to run managed code sounds exciting, I hope this means we can eventually get rid of the external workflow website.

You can also check out Brandon George’s blog for some more insightful comments.




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8 02 2011
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[…] as showing off all the impressive new capabilities of workflow in AX2012. So far we’ve only had hints at all the goodness that was to be included. But now we’ve been able to see it with our own eyes and get our grubby […]

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