Developing a business connector application

25 05 2010

OK, so its slightly off my main blog topic, but I was quite interested to understand how the Workflow Website communicates with Dynamics AX through the .NET Business connector. So I decided to experiment and try build my own application using it. Much to my surprise it proved to be a quite easy and enjoyable experience with no major hiccups along the way (provided you have an AX client and Business Connector configuration already setup).

As an experiment I attempted to build a time tracker in C# to run on my desktop in order to actively keep track of the time that I work on my various client’s systems. It reads project information (activities, categories, projects etc..) from AX to populate the form. It then writes time data back to a table back in AX.

With relatively minimal effort I was able to accomplish exactly what I needed to. If you want to try your own hand at writing business connector applications, check out the MSDN walkthrough ovver here:

Going through this exercise really helped me understand how the whole Dynamics AX 2009 Workflow framework functions. Well worth the time.




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18 01 2013

we have this problem on our workflow. “From the online users form. The Business Connector Users is show “0” which is normally show “between 1 to 15”. And whenever it shows “0”, Users could not longer see the PR(s) in the workflow. what is the cause of this and what do we do to correct this?

from Lawrence

18 01 2013

The best would be to check your error log first to see if there are any errors, particularly logonas errors.

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