Workflow Installation and Configuration Document

15 07 2010

The last couple of weeks, I have been receiving a number of useful links and resources related to Workflow in Dynamics AX 2009. This week I was pointed to two excellent resources on workflow, from a the “AXFactor” blog by Sumit Loya.

The first document deals with all the Installation and Configuration requirements for the workflow infrastructure in Dynamics AX 2009. It is very thorough and deals with, amongst other things, required user accounts and permissions, all the security issues that you will come across in both IIS and Dynamics, prerequisites for installation, installing the website, configuring batch inside AX and managing running Workflows. It is a definite must ready and handy reference book. After reading this document I felt like removing my post on Installation and Configuration, as Sumit is much more comprehensive and helpful. Thank-you for this excellent resource!!

View Original blog post at the AXSumit here
Download from Axaptapedia here

*UPDATE: Checkout the workflow development document too over here.




3 responses

1 10 2010
Vikas Tripathi

Valuable, Please let me know more

17 11 2010
Gonzalo Garcia

Regarding the configuration of a PurchReq aproval workflow.

When the workflow is configured to assign the approval step based on hierarchy, is there a way to make the requisition go back to the person who sent the PurchReq and not its superior?

I have tried all the “start from” options in the workflow configuration with no success, every time the PurchReq is completed it goes to the person above (in the hierarchy) of the submitter.

Is this the standard behavior of the system or am I missing something?

18 11 2010

Instead of using the hierarchy assignment option in your configuration, you can try role based and choose workflow initiator.

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