Workflow in three Easy Steps – New tool by Amer

28 07 2010

As all you workflow developer’s know, creating new workflow templates is a huge job due to the large number of AOT objects that one has to create and link up. Amer has created a new tool to create new workflow templates in just 3 easy steps. Check it out over here.

Congrats Amer. This is sure to help many many people.



2 responses

23 10 2010

I need small help where i want two workflows in one form.Ex:In Purchase Order I want packingslip workflow(Unless approved cann’t post) as well one more needed for invoice.Please help me how to achieve this.


Naresh P

8 02 2011
Workflow Session at Dynamics AX 2012 Technical Conference « Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings

[…] etc. 3. Workflow component generators. In AX 2009 we have seen a couple of people building code/AOT element generators to help speed up the workflow template building process. At Axnosis we have developed such a […]

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