Workflow Development Manual

29 07 2010

Two weeks ago now I reviewed the Installation and configuration document written by Sumit Loya for Microsoft Dynamics AX Workflow. As a followup, today I would like to mention one of the other useful sets of documentation that he has written. Namely “Workflows – Development – An easy to understand guide for creating new workflow templates in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009”.

In this excellent document Sumit takes one through all the various artifacts and components that form a part of a Dynamics AX template, explaining why they exist and how you will be using them in your own customisations and/or creation of templates. He describes the various properties available for each component and their uses in a fair amount of depth (very handy if you’ve ever wondered what some of the more obscure properties do), providing examples as he goes.

The document also includes great sample code for the creation of your own WorkflowDocument, Action Manager, Event Handler and Workflow classes.

All in all if you want to have a thorough learning experience on how to create workflow templates. This document should most definitely be your starting point!!! You will be left with an in-depth understanding of not only how to create templates, but also of how the workflow components communicate and tie together.

Thanks again Sumit.

Check out the original post over here.
Download the document from Axaptapedia here.




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