Fields not appearing in Condition Editor

23 08 2010

If you are once of those people who make extensive use of the condition editor in Microsoft Dynamics AX workflow, you may have noticed that some of the fields from your tables may not be visible/available for selection. The reason for this is that you may have one or more fields with the same label text. Dynamics builds up the available fields in the condition editor using a hashtable structure with the Label as the key and thus only uniquely labeled fields will be displayed.

E.G. two fields such as EmplId and Requisitioner, where you forgot to override the label on the requisitioner field and thus they both would have the label “Employee”.

Solution: Simply make sure that each field has a unique name/label. Remember that this includes calculated fields as well. So if you have a calculated field returning and EmplId and the table already has and EmplId field, ensure that you create a new EDT inheriting from EmplId and override its label and then return this EDT from your calculated method.

Happy Daxing




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