Workflow Wishlist #1

27 09 2010

Through my Dynamics AX workflow development, there has been a number of features that I would really like to see implemented in future versions of AX workflow.

So over the next while I will publish a number of them along with my work-arounds in the mean time.

#1 – canApprove/canComplete/canReject logic
I’m not sure if others struggle with this issue, but I would love to see logic built into the AX workflow framework that allows one to specify conditions that the workflow document must meet before the user can complete a step. E.g. A purchase requisition is submitted to the company’s buying department for a completion task, where certain fields such as vendorID must be filled in. The workitem owner should not be able to complete the workitem until the condition has been met.

It would be really great to see some form of logic built into the AX workflow configuration form to allow for creating a canComplete/canApprove condition (similar to the automatic actions conditions).

My workaround: Its easy enough to build this type of logic into the Approve/Complete menuitem class for the task or approval. Where the workitem is simply not actioned if the condition is not met. On the one hand this allows for much more flexibility in your rules, however every configuration that one sets up will be forced to use the same rules.

Please let me know of ways that you have managed to workaround this issue or whether you would find this type of thing valuable.




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