Workflow Wishlist #3

4 10 2010

The item sitting at number 3 of my workflow wishlist is to have the canSubmitToWorkflow logic, that currently resides as a method on your workflow enabled forms, sit within workflow configurations or within a class linked to your workflow template. It seems strange to me that almost all the logic and complexity of the workflow sits in nicely packaged/distinct bundles  i.e. templates and configurations, except for this one method. I would ideally like to be able to install a new template at a client site and without modifying the form, already have my canSubmit logic active.

Workflow does provide activation conditions per configuration, but my success using these has been fairly limited.

My workaround:
I have the habit of creating a static canSubmit method on all my WorkflowActionManager classes  (i.e. per template) which I call from the canSubmitToWorkflow method on the form, this way it keeps the code fairly separate. The drawback is still that i cannot have different logic being performed if I have multiple configurations setup.

Please post any comments as to whether you have experienced similar issues or if you agree/disagree with me in this wish.

Happy daxing.


Workflow Wishlist:



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