Workflow iPhone Application

8 11 2010

Hi all.

Today’s post is hopefully going to be a little different from all the normal posts that I have here at workflowax. I am very excited to post a short demo of some R&D I have been doing for workflow in AX. It all started when I first got an iPhone about a year ago now and was blown away by both the simplicity of the interface and the amazing smoothness of use (much credit to the capacitive touch screen). The iPhone really got my mind thinking about how I could apply this to the area of ERP, AX and workflow in specific. So recently I got exploring how to do development on iphones and as a proof of concept decided to create a workflow approver for Dynamics AX 2009.

The basic idea is for users to be able to have an email like list of all current workitems posted for their attention. They should then have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about what action to take and then perform the necessary action. All of this should be able to function off the current workflow framework, configurations etc… provided in Dynamics AX without any modifications.

The result: an amazingly simple and easy to use mobile workflow approver. Here’s a short screen cast of how the application functions. (i’ve used the iPhone emulator on mac to make the screencast easier)

As always please post your thoughts or comments below!

Happy Daxing.

Update: some screenshots of the application:

Workflow History





11 responses

8 11 2010

nice job! a very interesting idea to work with

8 11 2010

Great piece of software. Once you get your framework working, you could use it for other domains as well!
Inserting hour journals (for us, the consultants) or updating packing slips…

Nice done!

Greetings from Belgium,

9 11 2010

It is incredible awsome, great idea.

Maybe this application can combine QR code for inventory management.

Best Regards!

31 01 2011
Zeeshan Haider Jafry

That is great work. I really appreciate this idea and work.

2 02 2011

great job.

Do you have plan to distribute or sell it?
I’m really interest.

please send detail to my mail.

21 02 2011

Update: An official version of this application is now available via the APP store.

Note: Requires the server application to be bought and installed on your service.

23 03 2011

Any chance releasing the source code??

23 03 2011

Hi Daniel.

Unfortunately not as we have now released it as an application on the iTunes App-Store. Is there anything in specific that you are interested in knowing?

Regards Jonathan

27 03 2011

Hi Jonathan,

It is a great job, congratulations, I have a one question, I need know how much complicated It can be development into app windows phone 7, because I’m intended create an app implemented workflow for purchase requisition into windows phone 7 for my undergraduate project. some recomendation.


21 06 2011

Awesome job Jonathan :)

21 04 2012

Awesome app. Just want to understand how the app connects to AOS, using BC or WCF ?

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