Demo leave application workflow template

15 11 2010

This last week I have been away in Kenya again doing some development training for Microsoft partners in the area. The last item of our training was a crash course in workflow development where we attempted to get through creating a Leave application workflow template including an associated form, table, status enum etc in the last afternoon of the training. For those of you who attended the training and would like to download the demo, please find the attached XPO (this is just a demo and has not intended for use in production at all).

To get this workflow to run you can following the following steps:
1. Import XPO into your environment.
2. Add the LeaveApplication menu item to one of your module menu’s (optional)
3.  Restart AX client
4. Open Workflow configurations under Accounts Payable -> Setup
5. Create a new configuration, by selecting new and then choosing ‘Leave application…’
6. Configure the workflow by providing the relevant instructions and assignee.
7. Open the Leave Application form and create records. Once saved these records should be available for submission to workflow. A yellow workflow bar should appear with a ‘Submit’ button
8. Click submit.
9. Run the form ‘tutorial_workflowprocessor’ under the forms node in your AOT to get your workitems to processs. Click start.
10. Refresh your Leave application form.
11. Check out your workflow history to confirm that the record has been processed.

Happy Daxing

XPO Download




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