Security Keys for Workflow History

22 12 2010

I’ve recently been working on a client site setting up security in Dynamics AX workflow and the question of access to the workflow history form (accessed via yellow workflow bar) as well as the re-assign, resume and cancel buttons on that form was raised. After a few minutes investigation I found them under the SecurityKey BasicMisc.

Remember that turning off access to workflow history via the security key will remove the Workflow History button from Basic -> Enquiries as well as from your Yellow Workflow Bar

Summarised: (Label, Key)
“View History” – > WorkflowViewHistory (key)
“Resume” -> WorkflowStatusResume (key)
“Reassign” -> WorkflowStatusReassignWorkItem (key)




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13 09 2011

I was trying to setup a “view” access to workflow history for a certain user group but I when I clicked on Workflow History under Basic, the form appears but shows no data. I tested it with “admin” group and all the data were there. Do I still need to set other security key?

22 08 2013

I realize this thread is somewhat dated, but I am having the same issue. Only Admin show the data in workflow history. Any advice would be appreciated.

22 08 2013

Hi Yes,

The forms require that you be part of the “Admin” user group not any specific security permissions.


14 09 2011

Why does the reassign button allow you to reassign to any user in the system regardless of their approval limits? And they can approve the worflow and it completes without error.

15 09 2011

Hi Lauren.

The re-assign button is security controlled, so only administrators/those with sufficient rights would be able to perform the re-assign. Generally this re-assignment is the exception to the workflow process and not the rule, so workflow assumes that the manager who is re-assigning is aware of the other business requirements such as limits etc…

At our company we’ve understood that this is an inherent problem, so we’ve added limit checking to the Approval button of the necessary workflow step. If the user doesn’t have sufficient limits it wont allow then to approve. We have then made use of a slightly modified “Delegate” functionality to allow then to “forward” the record onto their manager.

Regards Jonathan

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