Interview with Guy Weismantel, Director of ERP Marketing, Microsoft

2 03 2011

Recently I was pointed towards a series of interesting videos recorded at the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2011 technical conference in Redmond (which I had the privilege of attending). These videos are informative and helpful in understanding Microsoft’s future vision of their Dynamics AX product, how it fits within the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products and how it aims to compete with rival’s products that have been moving into the market segment within which AX operates. The opportunity that the guys over at Software Advice seized to interview Guy Wismantel at the conference was definitely well used and has been very informative to me and I hope to you to, even if it isn’t directly related to workflow ;-)

Keep an eye out on the posts over at Software Advice as they will be publishing a number of new ones over the next couple of days.

In the first video Guy discusses the new functionality and approach that Microsoft has adopted with the release of Dynamics AX 2012

Check out the original post over here.

Happy Daxing





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