AX 2012 Technical Conference Videos available on Partnersource

28 03 2011

I’m not sure when these videos were posted originally, but I am really excited to get hold of some of these videos and demos recorded at the AX 2011 Technical conference.

The following videos are available:

  • Keynote: Welcome to the Future of ERP
  • Keynote: Evolution of the Microsoft Information Platform
  • Architecture: Reviewing What we Did and Why
  • Programming model improvements – Part 1
  • Programming model improvements – Part 2
  • The right tool for the job: Understanding the business intelligence options
  • The Developer Tools Experience Part 1 – MorphX IDE
  • The Developer Tools Experience Part 2 – Visual Studio Tools
  • Role-based Security: Concepts, Design Principles and Overview of the out-of-the-box Model
  • A Developers Guide to Role-Based Security (RBS) and eXtensible Data Security (XDS)

You can get hold of them over at Microsoft Partnersource website.




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