The Request Failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized

20 09 2011

I’ve been battling through “fixing” a clients Workflow setup. Its been working for the last while but just stopped all of a sudden. I tried to validate the workflow website and received the message “The Request Failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized”. I went through some of the suggestions made by Amer over at his blog to fix the error before reviewing the server name specified for the workflow website. It happened to be set to the server’s IP address, after changing this back to the valid server name all was well!

New: http://CLIENTAOS_SERVER:80/MicrosoftDynamicsAXWorkflow50

I hope this helps somebody.





One response

26 02 2015
Dmitriy Protsyk (@dprtsk)

I’ve just spent half a day figuring out why I can only access the AX OData service from machines on the same domain, but not from other domains. Using the IP fixed the issue. Unbelievable. Thank you for indirectly leading me to this simple solution with your 2011 article.

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