Installing Pre-requisite software for Workflow error

5 10 2011

I’ve just been installing Workflow on a client site running Windows Server 2008 R2 and came across a strange error.

When selecting the workflow component to install, it requested to install prerequisite software “IIS” and “.NET 2.0” However when clicking yes, it failed to install IIS and wouldnt allow me to continue. I managed to resolve the error with fixes.

  1. Ensured that no other Server Role Manager sessions were running/installing roles. (I was receiving the following error message in the IisInstall log file: Error (Id=0) Roles or features are currently being added or removed on this computer. Only one user can add or remove roles or features at a time to prevent conflicting configurations.” )
  2. I was also received the message “Error (Id=0) ArgumentNotValid: Feature not valid: ‘NET-XPS-Viewer’. The name of the feature was not found.” which we managed to resolve by modifying the line <Feature Id=”NET-XPS-Viewer” /> to <Feature Id=”XPS-Viewer” /> in the ServerManagerCmdInputIIS.XML file in the support folder of you AX2009 setup folder.

I hope this helps somebody struggling with this issue.
Happy Daxing





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5 10 2011
Installing Pre-requisite software for Workflow error « Dynamics AX … | Tech Blogs

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