Approve Workflow Items Via Email

7 05 2012

This is now officially my 100th post to my Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings blog and I thought I would take the opportunity to present a fantastic little add on product for workflow that our company has been using extensively with our various clients.

The product provides Dynamics AX users the ability to approve Dynamics AX 2009 work items from any email client regardless of operating system or mobile platform. This means that you can use it from Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Outlook, Apple Mac etc… Its as easy as sending email. Whats more is it doesn’t require any form of app to be installed on users devices, it just works!

Some of the features/advantages

  • Easy and quick to setup in Dynamics AX. It can be setup in a very short space of time, which means no expensive installation costs.
  • There are no complex inter app communications, webservices or network configurations that need to be done as its all handled in AX. Simply install the provided XPO and DLLs, setup your email account information and activate a batch job.
  • Detailed processing information available, to help track how users are interacting with the system
  • Resend email notification functionality
  • Add comments history to email templates.
  • Lower load on your system as users to not have to login to approve every workitem.
  • Quicker turn around time on workflows as workitems can be approved from anywhere.
  • Asynchronous approvals.

How do I get it?

  • We’ve tried to make it super easy to get hold of this product, so you can visit and click on the buy button to purchase it immediately via Paypal.
  • If you prefer the old fashioned route you can mail us on for a formal quote, demo or anything else you require.




4 responses

4 10 2012

Hi ,

I need your help and guidance want to work develop a workflow which on can submit from Ax2009 /2012 and approved/ Reject from outlook.i need your guidance How i can achieve that functionally its urgent.

5 10 2012

Hi Muhammad

Our company supplies an add-on module for Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012 that provides this functionality, you can find out more about our product at

Please let me know if you have any questions or require a quote.

29 04 2014
John Mark


Is Emailer still available. The link is not working. We are interested.

18 06 2014

Hi John.

Sorry for only getting back to you now. We do still ship the product, my apologies for the link not working, we will hopefully get that back up shortly.

Kind Regards

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 3:21 PM, Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings wrote:


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