Installation and Configuration

15 05 2012

I’ve just completed reading through the installation and configuration manual for AX2012 and came across chapter 5 on workflow. This chapter is a must read for anyone starting out in workflow on Microsoft Dynamics AX2012. It covers/explains all the topics that one needs to know about workflow (apart from the development side) including:

  1. Descriptions of all the available workflow types (previously templates) from the following modules
    1. Accounts Payable (Invoiceing, payments, remittance etc..)
    2. Accounts Recievable (Journals, Free text invoices, customer payments etc…)
    3. General Ledger and Fixed Asset workflows
    4. Budgeting
    5. Travel and Expense (Cash advance, expense report, travel, dispute management etc…)
    6. Procurement and Sourcing (Catalogs, Purchase requisitions, Purchase Orders, Vendor modifications etc…)
    7. Project Management and Accounting
    8. User management
    9. Organisation workflows.
  2. Configuring the workflow environment
    1. Email templates (both generic and configuration specific templates)
    2. Batch Job setups
    3. Notification setups
    4. Workflow queue setups
    5. Explanation of the workflow infrastructure and how all the components interact with each other.
  3. Creating configurations
    1. Line level workflows
    2. Conditional and manual decisions
    3. The graphical workflow configuration utility
    4. Workitem assignments (queues, hierarchies, workflow users, workflow roles)
    5. Approval policies
    6. Versioning.

All in all this manual is well worth the read for first time users.

Happy Daxing

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One response

21 06 2012

Hello all,

I am facing two issues in work-flow

1.) I a m configuring the work-flow but in the company where in i want to do the transaction’s is not beeing shown in Batch-job’s compnay account’s.

So how to change the Company in Basics –> Batch Jobs . where in it shows the Company account’s column.

2.) When I create a purchase Requisition and try to try to view the history of that particular work-flow the ax get’s hanged and than closes automatically also the dynamics services get stopped.

Why is this happening? any idea for the same?

Thanks for all the help in advance.

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