Setup User workflow email notifications in AX2012

23 08 2012

In order for users to be notified of new work-items that have been assigned to them you will need to ensure that they have their notification settings enabled. To do this you can follow the following procedure.

  • Navigate to the user options screen.
    • If this is for yourself, you can locate user options from the File -> Tools -> Options menu.
    • If this is for other users you can access the form via System Administration -> Common -> Users -> Select the correct user -> Click options on the toolbar
  • Select the notifications tab
  • Check the “Send notifications in email” checkbox. By default this is disabled.

N.B. Please ensure that you your email templates and outgoing mail server have also been configured and in AX.




2 responses

20 02 2015

how to make sure it’s enabled for all users? obviously i don’t want to go to system administration-> Users and do settings for each user one by one.

10 07 2017

Write a job to update all users where the checkbox is set to “no”. This way you could be 100% sure :)

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