Setting up notifications on Approvals

11 04 2012

Yesterday i received a query from a client on how to setup a notification so that the person who submits a document to workflow gets notified once it had been approved. I quickly recorded the following screencast. I recommend watching it in high quality otherwise everything is a bit small.


AX 2012 Worflow Automates Key Processes

2 04 2012

Demo video featuring Karl Tolgu Program manager at Micorosoft explaining the use of Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Thanks to SIS Global for the upload.

AX 2012 Technical Conference Videos available on Partnersource

28 03 2011

I’m not sure when these videos were posted originally, but I am really excited to get hold of some of these videos and demos recorded at the AX 2011 Technical conference.

The following videos are available:

  • Keynote: Welcome to the Future of ERP
  • Keynote: Evolution of the Microsoft Information Platform
  • Architecture: Reviewing What we Did and Why
  • Programming model improvements – Part 1
  • Programming model improvements – Part 2
  • The right tool for the job: Understanding the business intelligence options
  • The Developer Tools Experience Part 1 – MorphX IDE
  • The Developer Tools Experience Part 2 – Visual Studio Tools
  • Role-based Security: Concepts, Design Principles and Overview of the out-of-the-box Model
  • A Developers Guide to Role-Based Security (RBS) and eXtensible Data Security (XDS)

You can get hold of them over at Microsoft Partnersource website.

Interview with Guy Weismantel, Director of ERP Marketing, Microsoft

2 03 2011

Recently I was pointed towards a series of interesting videos recorded at the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2011 technical conference in Redmond (which I had the privilege of attending). These videos are informative and helpful in understanding Microsoft’s future vision of their Dynamics AX product, how it fits within the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products and how it aims to compete with rival’s products that have been moving into the market segment within which AX operates. The opportunity that the guys over at Software Advice seized to interview Guy Wismantel at the conference was definitely well used and has been very informative to me and I hope to you to, even if it isn’t directly related to workflow ;-)

Keep an eye out on the posts over at Software Advice as they will be publishing a number of new ones over the next couple of days.

In the first video Guy discusses the new functionality and approach that Microsoft has adopted with the release of Dynamics AX 2012

Check out the original post over here.

Happy Daxing


Workflow iPhone Application

8 11 2010

Hi all.

Today’s post is hopefully going to be a little different from all the normal posts that I have here at workflowax. I am very excited to post a short demo of some R&D I have been doing for workflow in AX. It all started when I first got an iPhone about a year ago now and was blown away by both the simplicity of the interface and the amazing smoothness of use (much credit to the capacitive touch screen). The iPhone really got my mind thinking about how I could apply this to the area of ERP, AX and workflow in specific. So recently I got exploring how to do development on iphones and as a proof of concept decided to create a workflow approver for Dynamics AX 2009.

The basic idea is for users to be able to have an email like list of all current workitems posted for their attention. They should then have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about what action to take and then perform the necessary action. All of this should be able to function off the current workflow framework, configurations etc… provided in Dynamics AX without any modifications.

The result: an amazingly simple and easy to use mobile workflow approver. Here’s a short screen cast of how the application functions. (i’ve used the iPhone emulator on mac to make the screencast easier)

As always please post your thoughts or comments below!

Happy Daxing.

Update: some screenshots of the application:

Workflow History


Dynamics AX WF Video: Building Business Process into your application

11 05 2010

I found an interesting video by Josh Honeyman (Snr Dev Lead on Workflow) during the course of last week after viewing the WF 4.0 preview video on msdn’s channel 9. In the video entitled ‘Building Business Process into your Application’ he uses Dynamics AX as a case study of how to build workflows. He provides a good explaination of how the workflow framework currently operates within Dynamics AX 2009 including the challenges, drawbacks and the various decisions that they needed to make, resulting in them choosing to host the WF runtime environment in IIS. He then also looks at the future of Workflow in Dynamics, both in terms of the ‘Near future’ with WF 4.0 and the long term future involving OSLO repositories.

All in all it is a very worthwhile video to take just over half an our out of your workday to watch. I certainly came out well more informed about the framework within which I am working.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You can also watch it over at channel 9

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