AX 2012 VPC now available

15 04 2011

We’ve been waiting since January for this, and finally it is time to get our hands on the Pre-Release AX 2012 demo VPC and install files over at partnersource. I can’t wait to play around on the system a bit more and see what its really up to! I hope you enjoy it too.

You can get it over here: VPC and the install files. Requires partnersource login.


datetime2str Error on Workflow Controls

11 12 2009

I came across an interesting error within Dynamics yesterday when testing workflow on a VPC image of a clients environment. I submitted a Purchase Requisition into workflow and all went ok, however when one tries to navigate back to that record (or any other record submitted to workflow) on that form (i.e. when the workflow controls/ yellow bar is updated) the following error is displayed.

 Error executing code: Wrong argument type for function.

 (S)\Classes\SysWorkflowFormControls\getActionBarContentForOriginator - line 32
 (C)\Classes\SysWorkflowFormControls\showOriginatorContent - line 19
 (C)\Classes\SysWorkflowFormControls\updateControls - line 76
 (C)\Classes\SysSetupFormRun\updateWorkflowControls - line 4

The Error seems to be linked mainly to datetime2str function call with in SysWorkflowFormControls.getActionBarContentForOriginator method.

The solution as described in this Communities Post is to simply ensure that you have installed at least Service Pack 1 to your AOS instance after restoring the clients environment onto the VPC or server.

Workflow on VPC

17 09 2009

Just finished creating a VPC with clients application and database on it. Yes I probably could have found a template VPC with everything including workflow already setup on it, but then I wouldn’t have been able to know what exactly what was going on to make everything function correctly.

My basic steps were:
1) Get VPC from friendly systems administrator with PreLoaded Client AOS and Database
1.1) Cleared out my business connector user in AX.
2) Setup Active Directory – Had to rename my virtual PC name because it had a _ in the name.
3) Create all the users needed for testing on my new Active Directory Domain and assign them the necessary rights
3.1) Modify in SQL my admin’s SSID and domain, so that i could get into the system again.
4) Uninstall the Business Connector that was originally installed (and workflow if it was as well)
5) Reinstall Business Connector
6) Reinstall workflow using the correct business connector account and domain
7 ) Change my services permissions on my AOS so that it could authenticate correctly to the Workflow Website
8 ) Restarted AOS and ran Workflow Infrastructure configuration wizard
9 ) Imported the remaining users (apart from myself) into AX.

Sadly this took me many an hour to figure out and I’m probably forgetting a few things that i did and am very vague on the rest, but hopefully it will help for any further VPC setups.

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