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6 08 2014

Hi Jonathan,

I have customized(code snippet below) the complete event handler method on LedgerJournalWFApprovalStatusManager class to generate the bank payment file when payment journal is approved.
else if (ledgerJournalTable.WorkflowApprovalStatus == LedgerJournalWFApprovalStatus::PendingApproval)
ledgerJournalTable.WorkflowApprovalStatus = LedgerJournalWFApprovalStatus::Approved;
if(ledgerJournalTable.JournalType == LedgerJournalType::Payment || ledgerJournalTable.JournalType == LedgerJournalType::CustPayment)
ledgerJournalTable.KOO_PaymJourApprovalStatus = KOO_PaymJourApprovalStatus::Approved;
ledgerJournalTable.KOO_BNZFilename = KOO_GenerateBNZInterfaceBankFile::generateBankFile(ledgerJournalTable);

KOO_GenerateBNZInterfaceBankFile::generateBankFile(ledgerJournalTable) call is just building the standard classes objects to generate the payment file. So if there is any error in file generation the normal update cancelled error must be thrown.

Don’t know why but I am facing the issue that if there are any errors in bank file generation(e.g. Missing bank account or missing reference), the workflow record is still getting approved and it is putting the error in workflow history.

Any idea why it might be happening?


6 08 2014

Hi Altamash.

Maybe try adding your code to LedgerJournalWFApprEventHandlerWF::complete method. Also ensure that your code throws an error e.g. throw error(“invalid…”); not just calls an error e.g. “error(“Invalid”) as just calling an error may still allow the code to continue.


On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 6:49 AM, Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings wrote:


11 02 2015


I’m just beginner in AX workflows – my question is:

There is condition for Activation of workflow – how shall I understand that ? For example – I need to START (not submit) workflow ONLY for Customers belonging to specific Customer Group. If I setup this condition under /Properties/Activation and the go through Customer table screen – will workflows be created (as yellow menu) ONLY for customer from customer group X ?

Looking forward for any suggestions…


12 02 2015


You are basically correct in your remarks, however you should have a default configuration for any documents that dont meet the activation conditions of the other configurations. Users will also need to always submit the document to workflow.

On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 5:37 PM, Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings wrote:


12 02 2015


thx for explanation – but what do you mean by ‘default configuration for documents don’t meet the activation conditions’

Thanks in advance for help


12 02 2015

You need to have an alternate configuration with no activation conditions

On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 11:03 AM, Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings wrote:


17 02 2015


as I see – we can have only one configuration ACTIVE. I noticed that if I define some activation condition – workflows start for EVERY records :( Shall we do some development ? My aim is to AVOID creation of workflows for records outside of activation rules defined… Is it possible to achieve that ?

Thanks in advance for your advices..


18 02 2015
Haroon Attari

Hi Jonathan, I am facing a problem whether workflow bar is displayed for one user but not for the other user for same record.

I checked somewhere on this blog that you mentioned the user must have access to ConfigurationKey. I have assigned same ConfigurationKey on workflow which is assigned on another workflow which is working fine for the user but no success.

Any clue what could be wrong?

19 02 2015

Hi Haroon, are you referring to the user not being able to submit? You do need both security key access to the actions / submit buttons, but more importantly you need to follow the rules for the specific workflow in question. Some workflows will only allow you to submit records that you created etc…

On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 11:08 AM, Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings wrote:


22 10 2015
Nancy Violante

If we turn “escalation” on in DAX workflow, and an approver wishes to hold the item unapproved temporarily for a legitimate reason, is there something that can be done to that record to override the escalation rule.

27 10 2015

Hi please help me to create a sales Order Approval WORKFLOW

16 12 2015
Per Jakobsen

Hi workflowers ;-)

I have a hard nut to crack.

I want a approval workflow capable of the following scenario. (Approval workflow)

The workflow needs to be assigned to a person based upon Amount approval level (final approver)

1. when a workflow is submitted it should be submitted to a user selected via a dialog (1st approver/reviewer)

when the first approver has approved then the workflow should be approved by the final approver (based upon amount level ).

Is that possible

Kind regards

Per Jakobsen

30 12 2015

Hi Per. This is very possible and has been done by a number of people in the past. I really need to get round to posting a proper walkthrough on this. However in the meantime your basic steps would be the following

1. Add a field user id on your document (or on a separate linked table) to store who you want the approver to be 2. On your document form expose this field for selection or…. Customise the WorkflowSubmitDialog(Form) to ask for a user if a certain type of workflow is being submitted. 3.Create a custom Participant provider that returns a single token e.g. “SelectedUser” which resolves to the user specified above 4. Create a workflow approval in your configuration with 2 steps. The first one should be assigned using your custom participant provider and the second could either user a heirarchy assignment with values as stop conditions or (easier option create a second token in your custom provider to do this more directly through code)

On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 3:08 PM, Dynamics AX Workflow Wanderings wrote:


8 02 2016
Altamash Askari

Hi Jonathan, how do we modify the workflow configuration forms in AX 2012 ?

9 03 2016

invalid tracking submission expected context Workflow and expected type Submission actual context WorkItem and actual type DueDateExceeded

5 10 2017
Per Jakobsen

HI workflow wanderes ;-)

does anyone have a quick example of how to approve a workflow via c#, i want to build my own service to approve various workflows via .net

Per Jakobsen

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