Why this blog?

You may be asking yourself why another Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Blog? The reason is this isn’t just an AX blog, it is a blog aimed specifically at developers, not consultants, not functional guys, but developers (incl technical guys), who would like to install and develop workflows for their clients. Currently the amount of official documentation available for workflow is minimal and seems to have most of its focus on the configuration of pre-existing workflows, not on the creating of new templates. So I have set out in this blog to try and document my wanderings through the world of Microsoft Dynamics AX Workflow. Including all the work-arounds, bugs, hotfixes and general development.

So if you are a developer of workflows and believe you have something to offer the AX community, please email your contributions, bug fixes, handy tips etc to me at jonathan@axnosis.com and I will be more than happy to include them. Otherwise just keep reading and don’t forget to drop a comment now and then to let me know what you find useful and what you don’t.




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2 06 2010

Nice Blog Jonathan…Keep going.
I have highlighted your blog here…

2 06 2010

Hi. Thanks for the highlighting my blog. Always great to have new visitors. I came across you blog the other day and really enjoyed it, because of its focus on developers. Casperkamal’s Dynamics AX blog is now officially part of my blogroll!

3 06 2010

Thanks :)

22 06 2010

Hi, this blog its great!!

14 10 2010
Santosh Paruvella

Hi Jonathan,

Good information on workflow for Dynamics Ax…
Thanks for sharing all the things here.

Best Regards,
Santosh Kumar Paruvella

16 11 2011
Shereen Omar

Hi Jonathan,
This blog is awsome!!
Especially for me,that is totally new to workflow in Ax.
{Hope u still remember me :) }

18 11 2011

Hi Shereen.

I do indeed remember you. I’m glad to hear these short fixes and posts are helping!

21 02 2012
Surender Rawar

Hi Jonathan

Your blog is really awesome, I am new to workflow with your blog i am able to successfully implement the workflow for purchase requisition.


4 04 2012
ERP Technician


Creating a blog focused on the Dynamics AX workflow niche was a great idea. The articles here are very useful. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll.



20 06 2013
Venkat Raghavan

Hi Jonathan,
i have an issue in production environment that the employee is getting expense approved mail with all the records that does not belong to him along with his record that has action id. Say if he has to get a mail with the action id (single record) for his expense approval, he gets 17 lines with all the action ids that belong to other employee requests for expense approval and absence approval.

Kindly let me know how to find a solution for this immediately please

Thanks and Regards,


20 06 2013

Are all the lines not part of the same Expense Journal?

21 11 2013


I am learning workflows at the minute and I was creating a workflow to have someone approve when prospects are made customers.
Could you please tell me why is query important to have a workflow ? I didnt create a new query as smmBusinessRelations_NoFilter already exists and I am using it.
Also, when I chose to add workflow to the smmBusinessRelationsListPage
I have to change 3 properties in the design menu

Workflow Enabled : Yes
WorkflowDatasource : smmBusRelTable
WorkflowType : (I Want to chose my workflow type here)

But sadly the drop down doesnt show anything ?
I have checked my workflowtype properties and in its DocumentMenuItem I have chosen smmBusRelTable , I can also choose smmBusinessRelationsListPage not really sure if that changes anything.


4 03 2014

can u suggest the best blog for work flows for functional consultant

16 02 2016
Donald Jenkins

Jonathan: I am working with the AP Invoice workflow. An ‘automated’ task in that workflow is ‘Evaluate Policy Rules for Invoice’. I would assume that this task is determining whether or not the vendor invoice as any policy violations (as defined in your AP Policies). There is no yes/no condition on this task, meaning if policy violations exist YES, go to ‘review’ task, if NO, skip review and go to approval. This seems to be of no value in the workflow.

16 04 2017

I need the code for multiple submit and multiple approval on single click


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