X++ Cheat Sheet

This is just a collection of my commonly used algorithms, global functions etc in x++, they don’t really have that much to do with workflow in specific


//Getting exchange rate to base currency: e.g. 
ExchRateHelper::getExchRate_Static(purchreqline.CurrencyCode, today());

//Convert to base currency: e.g.
Currency::amountCur2MST(purchreqLine.LineAmount, purchreqLine.currencyCode);


//Today's date e.g.
date(); //Returns date only

//Time Now

EmplId to UserId


Eventing (AX 2012)

Modifying parameters and return values

static public void preEvent(XppPrePostArgs ppArgs)
ppArgs.setArg("_myParam", "New Value");
static public void postEvent(XppPrePostArgs ppArgs)
ppArgs.setReturnValue("Returned value");

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