Upcoming AX2012 Workflow Apps and Features

10 04 2013

I was recently pointed to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UJpCe_7sk0k from msdyncomm highlighting some very cool upcoming features for workflow in Dynamics AX 2012. I reviewed it this morning and was very encouraged to see the direction that workflow is going in. Workflow should make users lives simpler and more streamlined and the features highlighted will certainly go a long way in accomplishing this goal.




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11 04 2013

Hi Jono!
Congratulations on an excellent blog!

I have a question regarding Ax 2012 R2, Workflow…
There are several Workflow developments that I need to on the HRM module. Only after I’ve created the WF artifacts (WF types, approvals, tasks, event handlers, etc.) I realised that I’m unable to configure WF on the HRM module.
Seems like the WF engine is not extended to HRM module.

I’ve stumbled across ISV’s who’ve done some extensions on what looks like Ax2009 (based on the screenshots I’ve seen.

Do you have comments, suggestions? Have you ever developed a WF for HRM?

Warm regards.
Your old colleague,

11 04 2013

Hi Celeste.

Good to hear from you

Checkout this post from a few years ago, the same idea should apply for AX2012.

P.S. You’re not that old :-)


11 04 2013

Still smiling at your “not that old” comment!

Thanks! I’ve found the WorkflowConfigurationHcm menu item. Need special permissions to use it though, can’t use it with just SysAdmin and Developer rights.

Thanks allot for your help.

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