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As we all know there is little available documentation available regarding Dyanmics AX 2009 workflow. However there are a number of resources (apart from this blog) that are available that can assist you in installing, developing and configuring your workflows. This is a list in progress, please feel free to provide links to other documentation/resources that you have found.


  • Training Manual: Development II in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (Appendix A)
    Basic walk-through for creating and configuring your own workflow templates.
  • Training Manual: Development IV in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (Chapter 11)
    Requirements for workflow and a walk-through of how to create your own workflow template.
  • Training Manual: Installation and Configuration Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (Chapter 10)
    Brief summary of how to setup workflow infrastructure in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, including website, system service accounts etc.
  • White Paper: Integrate Workflow in Financial Journals
  • SDK: Microsoft home for their documentation on workflow
  • Documentation: Microsoft AX 2012 Workflow Development Documentation



3 responses

23 10 2010
Carlos Latorre

I am recently working with workflows, and more specifically the purchase requests.

I do not know how to activate the functionality of the purchase request to create a budget from there. I have seen that the PR must be in a specific state, but I don’t knok how to doit.

I have to create a new workflow for this?
You have something like that?

Thanks for your help

4 11 2010

Hi Carlos. What budget creation are you referring to?

12 09 2016

Hi Jonathan,
I have a requirement to approve multiple timesheet lines at once. After research, I found your post in AX Community [https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/109091?pi51736=1#responses]. Can you please send me the code to rajan.preethi93@gmail.com?
Thanks in advance!

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